February, The Month for Hearts

Eliza Grace and Pink Saturday


After many, many years I am blogging again as of this week! YAY!! I used to never miss a Pink Saturday with Bev. :) I have already recognized many that are linking up are the same ladies that I remember so many years ago. It's nice to see the friends I used to visit every week. Life got in the way, too many serious things happened and I had to take a break. I'm going to do my best to reach out to everyone because I really do miss the interaction. 

Eliza Grace f4f

For my Pink Saturday this week I'm showing off Eliza Grace. She is one of my Blythe dolls. Yes, I've been pulled down the rabbit hole to the miniature world. Not too tiny though. She is considered playscale or 1/6 scale. Blythe was introduced in 1972 ( I would have been 14 at that time) and marketed by Kenner. I don't remember seeing her and for good reason. She barely lasted on the market a full year. The USA just didn't embrace that faceI think she was just far ahead of her time! Fast forward to 2001... Hasbro now owns the Blythe brand and has licenced her reproduction to Takara of Japan. Her body is basically the size of a Barbie doll but she has the over sized head. There are stock dolls of which Eliza Grace is and Takara releases a new doll just about every month of each year......then there are dolls that are customized with different hair, eye chips, carved lips, different eye makeup, articulated bodies, etc. Original Kenner Blythe dolls are being sold as high as $2500.00 or more....they are very popular among serious doll collectors. 

I taught myself to crochet 32 years ago. I'm left handed and no one back then would take on the challenge of teaching a lefty. :) So my creative side is all self taught due to that left hand. LOL So, naturally Blythe appealed to me because I thought, wow, I can write crochet patterns for clothes and accessories.  I've been busy crocheting for her ever since and having some real fun with her. Two more are arriving soon. I'm still thinking about what their names will be. As they say, it's never too late to have another childhood! 

Eliza Grace d3f

This outfit has a bodice with a scallop edge, then I crocheted a separate peplum that snaps on over her pants.

Eliza Grace g5f

In this photo, Eliza Grace is holding two wire work hearts I made some time ago. They are perfect for her, don't you think? And look at those pastel pink boots and those tiny laces.

Eliza Grace b2f

Here's the detail on her hat. I collect vintage lace, crochet, fabric.....it's perfect layered with a crocheted rosette on top. I normally use lace weight merino wool yarn.....some with a silk blend. The ecru edging on her hat is actually crocheted using 2 strands of cotton sewing thread.

So there you have it! Eliza Grace all decked out for Pink Saturday. Many thanks to Bev for keeping Pink Saturday alive all of these years! I look forward to visiting with each of you and hope you take a moment to visit with me too. :)

Sweet Southern Hugs,

Stephanie Suzanne & Rosie Belle the yorkie